Pet register 3 is here!

Pet register 3 is an easy-to-use software for animal rescues. It manages all animal and personal data in a secure, encrypted database.

Pet register 3 is aimed at small animal rescues that want to organize their animals and the people associated with them optimally and save them in an encrypted database. All relevant data (animal data, pictures, characteristics, treatments, vaccinations, tests, medication, ex-holders, adopters, etc.) can be stored for the animals.

Among other things, the most important data on the animal (name, species, breed, chip and ID number, size, weight, photos, characteristics, etc.), on treatments, medication, vaccinations, tests and related persons (address and contact details)

Pet register also helps with registration / re-registration at TASSO, FindeFix or other registers.
A full TASSO Connect v3 interface is included, so that animals can be registered with TASSO directly from the pet register and re-registered when changing owners.

Once saved, data can be quickly found, printed, saved as PDF or exported. Animal and personal data can be exported in CSV format with a click of the mouse.

Pet register is supplied as a single-user version.

Animal data

  • automatically generated, consecutive stock number

  • Recording of name, genus, breed, fur, color, gender, castration, height, weight, identification, status, etc.

  • Any number of pictures of the animal

  • Treatment data with medication, attending vet,0, costs, file attachments

  • Vaccinations with a reminder function and file attachments

  • Tests with type and result of the test and file attachments

  • Medication (also as permanent medication) with dosage, costs and file attachments

  • Journal for the animal

  • Information on the ex-holder, intermediary and adoptant, type and date of admission / delivery

  • Description of the animal

Personal data

  • Recording of name and address, status, education, occupation, ID number, marital status, birthday

  • Any amount of communication data, such as telephone, mobile, email etc. about the person

  • Contacts to the person

  • Map display of the address

  • Animals to the person

More functions

  • Reminders for animals and people

  • Upcoming vaccinations

  • Medication plan with print output “Today” or “Week” for all animal species or separated by animal species

  • Printable overview list of entrances and exits, sorted by year

  • Freely adjustable value lists for spouses / races, animal species, animal husbandry, animal intake, animal handover, animal status, communication, contact and personal status

  • Fully-fledged TASSO Connect v3 interface – enables user registration with TASSO directly from the pet register, as well as animal registration or re-registration when changing owners after successful registration.

  • Easy to use data backup and restoration during operation

  • Built-in PDF viewer for the PDF documents generated by the pet registry

  • secure, encrypted, locally stored database

System requirements

macOS from 10.11, Windows from Windows 7, German / English, single user version, not network-compatible.

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