Software for small rescues

Heimtierregister 3 is aimed at small rescues that want to organize their animals and the people associated with them optimally and save them in an encrypted database. All relevant data (animal data, pictures, characteristics, treatments, vaccinations, tests, medication, ex-holders, adopters, etc.) can be stored for the animals.


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Especially for small rescue

Heimtierregister 3 is specially designed for small rescues that want to manage the animals they care for and the people associated with them.

Complete data acquisition

Among other things, the most important data on the animal (name, species, breed, chip and ID number, size, weight, photos, characteristics, etc.), on treatments, medication, vaccinations, tests and related persons (address and contact details).

TASSO Connect v3 interface

Heimtierregister helps with registration / re-registration at TASSO, FindeFix or other registers. A full-fledged TASSO Connect v3 interface is included, so that animals can be registered with TASSO directly from Heimtierregister and re-registered when changing owners.

Easy to use! You can start right away.

Enter your club data, set the numbering for animals and then start recording animals and people straight away. The video shows you how easy it is to get started with Heimtierregister 3!

Screen shots

Control center

Quick overview of the latest animals and people, upcoming reminders, vaccinations and medication. From here you can access all the data in the program with just a few clicks of the mouse.


In the default settings you enter the information about your club, the contact and bank details and define the number range. You can also edit the value list, activate the TASSO Connect v3 interface, edit genera / races and back up or restore the database.

Animal details

Automatically generated, consecutive herd number, recording of name, species, breed, fur, color, gender, castration, size, weight, identification, status, etc. Any number of images of the animal. Diary for the animal.


Treatments with result, treating veterinarian, costs, medication and reminder date. In addition, vaccinations with a reminder function, tests and medication, also long-term medication.


Personal data on the animal, address, any amount of communication data, classification via keywords, contact persons, map display, etc.




Heimtierregister 3 is offered in direct sales for Windows and macOS.

  • Windows or macOS
  • Single user version
  • locally stored
  • encrypted database
  • permanent license
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Demo version

Test Heimtierregister 3 with the free demo version for 14 days. The demo version can be activated for the full version - your data will be retained.

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